Sunday, 20 May 2012

Button Up


Robinson here. Today, we got our boys Blue, Andre and Caleb to feature. We went around to the local primary school, because according to Blue, the pool is empty, me and Bond thought it'd be a cool place for our new post. As we get there we were very disappointed as that the pool was locked and had barb-wired fence, we were all too girlie to jump the barb-wired fence... except for our friend Caleb who is a kid grew up in the ghetto of Linwood (area in christchurch where people carry shanks) where as me, Bond, Blue and Andre were strawberry kids who goes to nice schools and have reasonably successful families. 

Bond thought he'd go denim on denim today, which I thought was a great look. The night before.. we went to his dad's apartment and stole his dad's scruffy Ben Sherman boots, as you can see Bond has caught the opportunity and he is wearing them in the photo below. 
Bit of Roc-a-fella diamond going on below.  

What we had on our skin.

Hugo Boss shirt he stole from his dad.
Random Denim jacket
Lee Rider Jeans
Ben Sherman shoes another item stolen from his dad

My favorite Ralph Lauren shirt, if you know me, you would know i wear this shirt at least twice a week.
Cheap jeans from somewhere
Black vans boat shoes
And my Tommy Hilfiger watch

I love Ugly floral shirt and pants(inside of the pant pockets are the same pattern as the shirt)
Beige Vans boat shoes

Commoners alike scoop-neck drop tail T (Which I am planning on borrowing one day and never return)
Jeans West shirt which he made in to a vest, in my opinion that is one of the coolest things that could possibly have came from jeans west.
Topman chinos
White low cut chucks

Shirt I brought for him from an opshop for 3 dollars
Ralph Lauren pocket T underneath
H&M jeans from Venice
Country Road dress shoes

Thanks for reading tune in for more of us next week.
Love, Robinson. x

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Welcome to The WeekDays everyone!!! On Sunday Rob and I set out on a mission to go a newish store in Christchurch that we have been wanting to go to for a while called PLUME … it was closed. Luckily there is an op shop right next door in which Robinson found the ridiculously classy blue blazer. After this great success we were feeling extra classy so we decided to go to another store. It was closed also. we where very sad by all the stores being closed so my lovely sister Taylor took some photos of us The WeekDays was born. Enjoy!!

Bond xxx

On Robinson-
Classy Blue Blazer (Brand Unknown)
Ralph Lauren shirt
Zara Pants
Lacoste Shoes

On Bond-
Plain tee
Billabong (don’t hate) shirt
Mr Simple Chino Pants
Random scarf stolen from father
Country Road boots